Catering Price List

Please contact (905) 857-6578 OR email for a quote on any items not listed.

48 hours notice required.

Minimum of 10 people.

Hors D’oeuvres

Polenta squares topped with goat cheese and roasted red pepper $22 per dozen
Mini risotto croquettes $22 per dozen
Caprese skewers $22 per dozen
(cherry tomato and cocktail bocconcini)
Antipasto skewers (proscuitto wrapped melon, cherry tomato and bocconcini) $22 per dozen
Arugula and goat cheese wrapped with prosciutto $22 per dozen
Smoked salmon canapes $28 per dozen
Sliced beef tenderloin with horseradish $22 per dozen
Marinated bocconcini wrapped with grilled zucchini $22 per dozen
California sushi rolls served with wasabe, soya and ginger $22 per dozen
Shrimp cocktail in a shot glass** (16/20) $36 per dozen
Crab and hummus filled pasta shell $28 per dozen
Mini bruschetta on toast bread $22 per dozen
Mini mediterranean bruschetta (diced eggplant, tomato, zucchini and feta cheese) $22 per dozen
Mini smoked salmon and caper bruschetta $28 per dozen
Crab stuffed mushroom caps $22 per dozen
Thai chicken skewers $22 per dozen
Beef satay with thai dipping sauce $22 per dozen
Feta and spinach phyllo dough triangles $22 per dozen
Herbed mini focaccia squares topped with black olives and anchovies $22 per dozen
Grilled baby lamb chops $58 per dozen
Mini crab cakes with spicy dijon dip $36 per dozen
Swedish meatballs $22 per dozen
Seared tuna with sesame seeds on garlic crostini $36 per dozen
Pinwheel wraps with prosciutto and arugula $22 per dozen
Cocktail sausage $22 per dozen
Mini mushroom frittatas $22 per dozen
Crepe rolls with smoked salmon and cream cheese $36 per dozen
Herbed seared scallops wrapped in bacon $36 per dozen
Mussels marinara $24 per dozen
Chocolate dipped strawberries $28 per dozen
Crepe pinwheels filled with creme englaise and fig jam $28 per dozen
Mini custard and fruit tarts $28 per dozen
Porketta – cooked (slow roast pork shoulder) $180 serves 30
Lamb – oven braised $114 serves 15
Chicken/Veal Parmigiana $6 each
Whole Turkey – cooked $8 per pound
Veal Chop $24 each
Veal Tenderloin $24 each
Black angus steak (10oz) $16 each
Chicken Cordon Bleu $10 each
Filet Mignon $24 each
Chilli $4 per person
Cannelloni (meat/cheese) (allow for 2pcs per person) $4 each piece
Penne in a tomato sauce $72 tray serves 15-20
Penne in a cream sauce $90 tray serves 15-20
Agnolotti – crab stuffed $108 tray serves 15-20
Lasagna $102 1 tray (18 pcs)
Mediterranean rice $54 tray serves 15-20
Roasted potatoes or sweet potato $54 tray serves 15-20
Parsienne potatoes $62 tray serves 15-20
Vegetables (steamed) $54 tray serves 15-20
Garden salad $44 tray serves 15-20
Greek salad $54 tray serves 15-20
Rapini $72 tray serves 15-20
Assorted deluxe wraps $6 per person
Assorted Focaccla Sandwiches $7 per person
Exotic Fruit presentation $72 tray serves 15-20
Fresh vegetable platter with dip $54 tray serves 15-20
Assorted Deli platter with cheese $72 tray serves 15-20
Assorted Cheese platter with crackers $63 tray serves 15-20
Smoked Salmon platter $45 tray serves 15-20
Antipasto Platter $108 tray serves 15-20
Grilled pita wedges with mediterranean dip $54 tray serves 15-20
Mini Deli and dairy sandwiches  (4 per person) $8 each person
Tea Sandwiches (4 per person) $6 each person


Grilled Calamari $5 per person
Seafood Bouillabaisse (clams. shrimp, mussels, crab legs, white fish) $180 tray serves 15
Salmon Filet – 6oz $9 per person
Shrimp cocktail 16/20 $90 platter serves 15 people
Lobster tail (4-5oz) $17 each


Deposit required to confirm orders.     
Prices subject to HST.     
Staff and rental pricing available upon request.    
Due to market availability prices are subject to change without notice.